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Number: 2018 Volume: II







1. Two Mathematical Patterns of Vulnerability (Jean-Pierre CLÉRO)
2. The Ethical Nature of the Norm (Paul POPA)
3. The Nature of Exile in Naomi Shihab Nye’s Poems: Does She Remember the Land? (Salah BOUREGBI)
4. Selecting and Developing Teaching/Learning Materials in EFL classes (Marsela HARIZAJ, Veneranda HAJRULLA)
5. Novice Teachers and some need–to-know Classroom Management Questions (Veneranda HAJRULLA, Marsela HARIZAJ)
6. Differences between Logical Demonstration and Logical Argumentation in the Text (Olda BALLIU (XHEPA))
7. The Most Typical Learning Styles used in 9th Grade School and University (Anisa TRIFONI, Viola TRIFONI)
8. The Figures of Imagination (Review) (Alexandru POMPILIU)


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