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Number: 2023 Volume: II







1. Translation of Culture/Culture in Translation: A Postcolonial Perspective (Salah BOUREGBI)
2. The Face of Evil. From the “Banality of Evil” and the “Falsification of the Good” to the Falsification of Freedom (Ion CORDONEANU)
3. From Granularity to the Big Picture: Construction of the “Narrative Thread” (Cristina URSU)
4. Intelligence from the perspective of inference. The problem of abduction for general artificial intelligence (Mihail DUCA)
5. Mentality and representation (Mariana BALOŞESCU)
6. Investigating the Future of ESP Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Awicha BENABDALLAH)
7. Social identity in the belligerent context (Ana PASCARU, Tamara MARTIN)
8. The role of the Academic Society “Dacia” in the organization of reading rooms and reading societies in Bucovina ((Andrei) Lăcrămioara Avasiloaie)
9. A canonical analysis on the organization of monastic life in the Romanian Orthodox Church, in the period 1859-1866 (Porfirie PESCARU)
10. Alexandru Popescu-Telega in the History of Romanian Hispanistics (Review)(Lavinia SEICIUC)


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