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Number: 2022 Volume: II







1. “Name! Déparlez!” – Ars Poetica in Derek Walcott’s Another Life (Iuliu RAȚIU)
2. e-Democracy is increasing political ignorance (Raluca LUŢAI, Paul POPA )
3. The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Teachers (Csilla-Zsuzsánna MÁTÉFY)
4. Students’ performance evaluation in higher education using data visualization techniques (Olta LLAHA, Azir ALIU)
5. The Ethics of Virtues (Daniela CIMPEAN)
6. Style and Principles of The Young Guard Novel (Olga GRĂDINARU)
7. On a Possible Crisis of the Current Scientific Ideal (Florin George POPOVICI)
8. History and Hermeneutics (Decebal COPILEȚ)


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