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Number: 2022 Volume: I







1. What We Think We Are: Maximizing the Subjects in the Human Sciences (Lantz FLEMING MILLER)
2. The South and Religion in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury (Iuliu RAȚIU)
3. Ethics of integrity warnings - between social conditioning and moral stakes (Dorin-Mircea DOBRA)
4. Initiation of Native Language in Education Policy: A Study on the Role of Language in Pre-Primary and Primary Level of Education in Bangladesh (Farjana HOSSAIN, Habeeb Faruk KHAN)
5. Civic conscience and the social organism during the pandemic (Irina SIMINICEANU)
6. An Ethics for the Human Cyborg (Review)(Bogdan POPOVENIUC)
7. Individual and Society in Medical Crisis (Review)(Niadi-Corina CERNICA)


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