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Number: 2021 Volume: II







1. Can “Ecological Empathy” Play an Effective Role to Make an Environmentally Responsible Individual? A Review of Deep Ecology and Covey’s Idea of Empathy (Rudmila MAHBUB)
2. A Few Conceptual Proposals of the “New” Materialism (Marius C. CUCU)
3. A Short Description of the Romanian Language as a Romance Language with Latin, Dacian and other Characteristics (Nicoleta VASILCOVSCHI)
4. Representations of the Black Sea Space in Popular Communist Culture of the Post-Stalinist Era (Roxana Elena DONCU)
5. Could there be a philosophical Zombie? A brief attempt to analyze a controversial issue (Florin George POPOVICI)
6. Providing Feedback to Learners on Tasks in EFL Classes (Marsela HARIZAJ, Veneranda HAJRULLA)
7. Regularity in Semantic Change. Onomatopoeias as Centers of Expansion in Romance Languages (Review)(Lavinia SEICIUC)


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