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Number: 2019 Volume: II







1. In the Mind of Theseus or Hobbes and the Paradox of the Second Ship (Constantin LUPAȘCU)
2. (Re)defining Culture and Identity across Borders The Issue of Ethnic Identity for Writers in Romania (Maria EPATOV)
3. MMR Vaccine Representation in New Media, in Romania (Mihaela MUREȘANU (TĂUT))
4. Hybrid Conscience – Between Evolution and Threat (Irina SIMINICEANU)
5. Tips for Using Cooperative Learning Groups effectively in the EFL Classroom (Veneranda HAJRULLA, Marsela HARIZAJ)
6. “Domestic Journal 1971 - 2017: The Notes of an In-form-er” Ion DUR (Review) (Adrian BUZDUGAN)


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