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Number: 2017 Volume: I







1. Artistic Creation as a Mystical Transmutation in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse (Salah BOUREGBI)
2. Enhancing Intercultural Communication through storytelling in EFL (Marsela HARIZAJ, Veneranda HAJRULLA)
3. The Didactic Potentials of Films and Contemporary Media in the EFL Classes (Veneranda HAJRULLA, Marsela HARIZAJ)
4. The Effects of Teacher-Student Relationships on Academic Achievement – a College Survey (Lucian MOCREI REBREAN)
5. Review of the History of Distilled Liquor and Its Impact on the Kumasi People of Ghana (Samuel ADU-GYAMFI, Wilhemina Joselyn DONKOH, Dinah Ntim Akosua GYAMFUAH)
6. Abridged Phraseological Dictionary, Portuguese-Romanian Review
Lavinia SEICIUC, Mic dicţionar frazeologic portughez-român, Editura George Tofan, Suceava, 2016 (Alina-Viorela PRELIPCEAN)


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