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Number: 2016 Volume: II







1. Tension and Contention in the Translation of the Literary Text: The Real Dilemma (Salah Bouregbi)
2. Displacement of Myths in The Da Vinci Code and The Krishna Key: A Comparative Study (M. Jayabharathi)
3. Grigore T. Popa – Promoter of Medical Ethics in Romania (Ana-Maria Dumitrescu, Andreas Nilsen Myhre, Thorvald Nilsen Myhre, Rodica Ghiuru)
4. Specific Dysfunctions of the Stepfamily (Maria-Rodica Iacobescu)
5. Descartes or the origins of modern thinking (Ion Cordoneanu)
6. The Autopoiesis of Intelligence Technologies (Review)
7. Criticism of Ethical and Philosophical Foundations of National Socialism (review)


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