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Number: 2015 Volume: I







1. Daniel Dennet: intentionality system. An interpretation of intentional strategy (Viorel Rotilă)
2. Pleading for Culture (Ștefan Grosu)
3. Legal Order Founded on Human Wisdom (Elena Iftime)
4. The Awakening within “New Woman” Fiction (Maria-Viorica Arnăutu)
5. The Inter-Semiotic Negotiation between the Literary and the Cinematographic Image (Carmen Dominte)
6. The hand behind the handwrite: The Notary Public of Porto from the 13th to the 15th centuries (Ricardo Seabra)
7. Teaching micro skills Through Communicative Activities in EFL Classes in Albania (Marsela Harizaj)
8. Psychological Recovery in The Metabolic Syndrome In the Context of Antioxidant Therapy - Case Presentation (Gică Avram (Lehaci), Ana-Maria Dumitrescu, Richard Weldon, Corneliu Botez, Rodica Ghiuru)
9. The Influence of Disease and Human Sufferance on Edvard Munch’s Art (Ana-Maria Dumitrescu, Charlotte Louise Bysheim-Skorpen, Moenis Sawaed)
10. Psihanaliza aplicată în filosofie şi artă (Review)


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