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Number: 2014 Volume: II







1. Why Meillassoux‘s Speculative Materialism Struggles with Ancestrality (Ciprian Jeler)
2. Education for and as philosophy – a didacticist approach (Marius-Costel Eşi)
3. An Axiological Perspective in Understanding Truth (Ivan Ivlampie)
4. The Plurivocal Character of Hermeneutics – Moving beyond the Quest for Objectivity (Liviu Ursache)
5. The American “You Probably Know”: On Chomsky, United States, and the Failed States (Arup K. Chatterjee)
6. The Migration in and from the Community in the Knowledge-based Society (Ana Pascaru, Mariana Roșca)
7. Teaching a Foreign Language Focused on the Student as the Main Pillar of the Didactic Process (Viola Gjyli Biti)
8. Don Quixote, Figures and Philosophical Journey of Cervante‘s Masterpiece in Albania (Admira Nushi)
9. Paul Goma. The Novel Sabina: The Phenomenology of Eros and the Autonomous Game of Writing in Romantic Arts (Mariana Pasincovschi)
10. “Philosophy” – After the End of Philosophy in a Globalizing and Glocalizing World (Review)


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