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Number: 2014 Volume: I







1. The altruism of Dona Benigna in Benito Perez Galdós’s Misericordia Religious Morality, Cultural Predisposition or Genetic Inheritance (Adel Fartakh, Maria Emilia Rodriguez Martinez)
2. The Hero-Heroine as Image and Representation of the Androgyne (Carmen Dominte)
3. “A Late Encounter with the Enemy”: The “Hyperreality” of the Civil War in Southern Mentality (Maria-Viorica Arnăutu)
4. The Victors and the Vanquished: Recovering the History of Al-Andalus (Lhoussain Simour)
5. Being Foreigners even if they are not as such (Irena Ndreu)
6. Delusional Cities: beyond the projected identity of urban space (Ruxandra Puşcaşu)
7. From Romanian to “Rumanol”: linguistic confusions in native Romanian spoken by children born in Spain (Lavinia Seiciuc)
8. On the Semantics and Syntax of the Romanian Verbs of Saying (Alina-Viorela Prelipcean)
9. ETA, one of The other leprosy (Diana Isabela Cozaciuc)


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