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Number: 2013 Volume: II







1. James Joyce’s Trojan Hobby-Horse: The Iliad and the Collective Unconscious Ulysses (Dieter Fuchs)
2. Responsibility as an essential structure of the subjectivity by Emmanuel Levinas (Stanislaw Barszczak)
3. From Simulacrum to Phenomenon: the Status of Art in the Contemporary World (Roxana Doncu)
4. ‘The measure of past waltzes’: Time and Memory in Arthur Symons’s Poetry (Wojciech Klepuszewski)
5. Incentives for academic excellence: sex, money and self-advertising in David Lodge’s Changing Places and Small World (Felix Nicolau)
6. Elements for the Theory of Value in Ancient Philosophy (Ivan Ivlampie)
7. Notes towards a Theory of Contestational Architecture (Sabin Borş, Dragoş Dascălu)
8. The Role and Place of the “Secular Element” in the Process of Preserving the Ecclesiastic and Religious Life of Orthodox Believers in the Post-brest Period (Mykola Shkribliak)
9. About Philosophy, on Its Birthday (Doina Cernica)


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