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Number: 2013 Volume: I







1. The Leftist Obsession: Social Economy and the Illusion of Corporatist Social Responsibility (George Neamţu)
2. From the Manifest to the Implicit. Effects of Leftist Ideologies in Participatory Architecture (Dragoș Dascălu)
3. Socio-Economic and Environmental Success through Effective Poultry Forward and Reverse Supply Chain Process (Mohammad Shamsuddoha)
4. Optimization Models of Agricultural Enterprises Activities under Stochastic Uncertainty Considering Institutional Factors (Victoria Kyfyak)
5. Organizational Culture and Entrepreneurial Performance in Business Administration (Loredana Narcisa Posteucă)
6. Spirituality of Service and Silence: Towards a Dialogical Enrichment between Indian and Western Approaches to Authenticity (Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ)
7. Dragons in Slavic and Romanian Cultures (Nicolae Stanciu)
8. The Image of History as a Playground (Carmen Dominte)
9. Chindia – A Stylistic Convention under the Fears of Consequence (Ioana-Bianca Berna)
10. Learning Environments and the Scientific Dimension of Didactical Endeavor (Marius Costel Eşi)
11. The literary Youth (Mihaela Fadur)


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