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Number: 2012 Volume: II







1. The Social Dimension and Tendencies in the Social Economy Movement Today (Athena Frangouli, Despina Katsouda)
2. Does Work Make Us Free? (Lorenzo Toresini, Giorgio Vallazza)
3. Healthy Workplaces – Do we care more for New Cars and Computers than our Workers? (Richard Wakerell)
4. The Sources of Social Economy. The Reasons for the Social Responsibility of Solidarity (George Neamţu)
5. The Quest for Social Economy (Bogdan Popoveniuc)
6. Social Economy’s Specific Forms in Romania (Angela Zarojanu)
7. Social Economy a Potential Solution to the New Problems in the Social Field (Angela Achiţei)
8. Cooperatives – Promoters of Social Economy in Romania (Martin Balogh, Natalia Balogh)
9. Social Intervention Strategies for the Protection of Children from Underprivileged Social Environments (Răzvan Popovici-Diaconu)
10. The Development of Social Entrepreneurship – The Key to an Inclusive Society through Social Businesses (Lucian Sîrb)
11. Vulnerability and Violence. Social Economy as a Form of Social Responsibility (Oana Lenţa, Cristina Cormoş)
12. The Tolerance as the Ethic Foundation of Social Economy into the Perspective of the Perspective of the “Included Third” in the Contextuality of Transmodernity (Antoniu Alexandru Flandorfer)
13. The Non-Ethics in Business (Marius Cucu)
14. History of an Issue – Property (Niadi-Corina Cernica)
15. Social Economy, Trend or Reality (Petru Vasile Gafiuc, Alina Bârsan, Nicoleta Robciuc, Anisia Simionov)


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