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Number: 2012 Volume: I







1. The Necessity of the Development of the Human Capital Concept (Alexandru Trifu)
2. The Significance of Social Values in Social Time (Ana Pascaru)
3. Christian Feasts dedicated to Saints – an Interdisciplinary Perspective (Carmen-Maria Bolocan)
4. Paul Goma. Sabina: Social Avatars and the Vectors of creating the “New-Man” (Mariana Pasincovschi)
5. Three Constitutive Conditions of the Revealing Metaphor (Vlad-Ionuţ Tătaru)
6. Two Directions of the Medieval Aesthetics. The Beauty of Proportions and the Beauty of Light (Niadi-Corina Cernica)
7. Carul cu boi. Pictura în România 1800-2000 (Review)


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