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Number: 2011 Volume: II







1. Philosophical Aspects of Homosexuality in Ancient Greek (Anton Adămuț)
2. The Knowledge Society and the Reform of Creative Writing (Cristina-Emanuela Dascălu)
3. The Use and Problematics of Descriptive Imaginary (Horia-Costin Chiriac)
4. Nichifor Crainic and the interwar “New Spirituality” (Gabriel Hasmațuchi)
5. Epicureism or a Philosophy of Pleasure (George Colang)
6. Types of referendum in revised Constitution (Ştefan Alexandru Băișanu)
7. Islamic political philosophy: prophecy, revelation, and the divine law (Ludmila Bîrsan)
8. Two ritual gestures and their religious significance (Marius Cucu)


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