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Number: 2011 Volume: I







1. Humanity at the Cross-Roads: Philosophical Implications of Human Genome Project (George Gini)
2. The Influence of Total Quality Management (TQM) on Public Service Ethics (Liviu Gavrilescu)
3. On the Apparent Freedom of Contemporary Individualism (Bogdan Popoveniuc)
4. Emotional Load Identification in the Political Discourse (Daniela Hîfu)
5. International Migration of Labor Force. Social, Economic and Demographic Implications (Cristina Cormoș)
6. Brands as Today’s Practical Philosophies (Oana Barbu)
7. Contribution of Feminism to the Deliberative Democracy Concept Evolution (Alexandru Boboc-Cojocaru)
8. A Hermeneutics of the Consumer (George Colang)
9. Lustration and Reform in Romania (Andrei Cosmin Macsut)
10. The Revision Procedure, the Role of the Constitutional Court in the Referendum Procedure and the President Dismissal (Ştefan Alexandru Băișanu)
11. Din Calidor. O copilărie basarabeană (Review)


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