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Number: 2010 Volume: II







1. Theoretical-Philosophical Filters for Tolerance Analysis in Contemporary World (Sorin Tudor Maxim)
2. Several Arguments For and Against Superintelligence/‟Singularity” (Ionuț Isac)
3. Edmund Husserl and the inauguration of phenomenology as distinct philosophical discipline (Marius Cucu)
4. Form and Conceptual Transfiguration in Art (Vlad Ionuț Tătaru)
5. The Logics of the Rational World (Marius Costel Eși)
6. The concept of literature and its terminological parameters (Mariana Cozma Pasincovschi)
7. The Origin and Evolution of the Referendum (Ștefan Alexandru Băișanu)
8. The discourse of Power and the Power of Discourse (Ioan Fărmuș)
9. Hermeneutica literară (Review)


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