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Number: 2009 Volume: II







1. Do We Live in a World of Responsibility? (Sorin Tudor Maxim)
2. Multiculturalism, Feminism, Postcolonialism and Postmodernism: The Deconstruction of The Structures of Domination in Contemporary Society (Cristina-Emanuela Dascălu)
3. Delimitation of the Referendum from other Politico-Legal Concepts (Ştefan Alexandru Băişanu)
4. Modal Logic and Its Forms (Marius-Costel Eşi)
5. The Impact of the Totalitarian System (Mariana Cozma Pasincovschi)
6. Preliminaries to a Philosophical Polemic – Blaga‘s Ethnicism, in the Interpretation of V. Băncilă and C. Fântâneru (Marian Nencescu)
7. The Voicelessness of Human Being (Marius Cucu)
8. The Man and His Language , A Philosophy Study of Language and General Lingvistic (Review)


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