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Number: 2009 Volume: I







1. On the Domestic Space for Greeks (and on other spaces) (Anton Adămuț)
2. Something about Feminism(s) (Bogdan Popoveniuc)
3. The inside barbarism, a contemporary axiological mutation (Radu Vasile Chialda)
4. Branding a nation – Romania and Simon Anholt (Irina Pop)
5. Niccolo Machiavelli and the general interest politics (Antonio Sandu)
6. Post-Communism and the Stereotypes of Deconstruction (Iulia Anghel)
7. Rococo and Art Nouveau (Niadi Corina Cernica)
8. Democracy as a System of Government (Ștefan Alexandru Băișanu)
9. Why isn’t there a Feasible Alternative to the Democratic System? (George Flonta)


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