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Number: 2008 Volume:







1. The Baroque - an expression of ambiguity (Marius Dumitrescu)
2. War and Peace - The Culture of Civilization (Bogdan Popoveniuc)
3. Manipulation through advertising - is advertising positive or negative? (Alexandru Nedelea, Marilena-Oana Nedelea)
4. Foundations of the nihilism-saintliness concerning Cioran’s thoughtfulness (Marius Cucu)
5. An image of Globalisation in the Context of Interdependence of the 21th Century (Nicoleta Vasilcovschi)
6. The theme of death in the vision of Camil Petrescu and Liviu Rebreanu (Mariana Cozma Pasincovschi)
7. Living Together - Equal Opportunity and Access in Society (Radu Duda)
8. Rationalism from Plato to Mircea Florian (Adriana Mihaela Macsut)
9. The Original Sin and Eschatology (Antoniu Alexandru Flandorfer)
10. Philosophical law in recessive theological acceptation (Stefan Grosu)
11. Alchimia devenirii umane (Review)


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